An industry leader for more than 70 years

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AeroTek was originally established as a division of Dowty Ltd., becoming an independent business in 1950. In 1981, it moved its facility to Whitby, Ontario, Canada, where it still operates today.

AeroTek’s modern era began in 2006, when senior executives from the Canadian aerospace and legal
industries took over the business. Since then, the company has grown threefold – and it continues to grow today as an established, proudly Canadian leader in aerospace coatings and processes.

Today, AeroTek is a Bombardier 5-Star Preferred Supplier (working on 4-Star actions), a Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. Preferred Supplier and a Boeing Preferred Supplier. We pride ourselves in our commitment to working closely with customers and major OEMs to ensure our products and services meet their needs.

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Innovation and Customer Service You Can Count On

AeroTek is the go-to aerospace processing company, providing the fastest turnaround times while maintaining top-quality products and services. We are continually innovating and collaborating with our business partners so our services – and our customers – stay ahead of the technology curve. Our customer service professionals are flexible and responsive to the needs of our clients, ensuring we deliver both quality and value to aerospace OEMs and sub-tiers.

Comprehensive processing services, all under one roof

  • Electroplating

  • Anodizing

  • Chemical conversions

  • Paint and topcoats

  • Ion Vapour Deposition of Aluminum (IVD-Al)

  • Heat treatment and hydrogen de-embrittlement

  • Maintenance repair and overhaul

  • Sub-assembly

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