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AeroTek installs new 15-foot Light Sulfuric Anodizing line

AeroTek is pleased to announce the installation and approval of a 15-foot environmentally friendly, Light Sulphuric Anodizing and Paint capability.

“The new line was set up and approved in record time by working closely with the customer’s Engineering and Quality Assurance departments.” – CEO/President Jonathan Schofield

As part of the implementation, a new chiller, heat exchanger and filtration system was installed in the line to ensure seamless processing of parts. The new Light Sulfuric Anodizing line is now available at AeroTek in addition to the Company’s existing Hard Anodizing and Sulfuric Anodizing capacity.

“We look forward to doing more large part processing, in both anodizing and paint, as the facility was originally and specifically set up to do.” – CEO/President Jonathan Schofield


AeroTek Manufacturing Ltd. is a world-class aerospace processing facility strategically located in Whitby, Ontario, along the Toronto-Montreal corridor close to the Hwy401, allowing the Company to provide efficient coating services to the Canadian aerospace industry. The Company specializes in providing traditional as well as environmentally friendly aerospace coatings, including anodizing (hardcoat, sulfuric, light-sulphuric, boricsulfuric), electroplating (cadmium, silver, gold, copper, nickel), chemical films (passivation, dry film lubricants), aerospace paints and Ion Vapour Deposition of Aluminium.

AeroTek has acquired more than 400 aerospace OEM process approvals including Boeing, Goodrich, SAFRAN, Bombardier, Airbus, Sikorsky, Bell Helicopter, Honeywell, GE, Pratt and Whitney and many more. The Company has also recently been approved by SAFRAN to perform landing gear maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) services.

AeroTek is ISO 9001/AS9100 and NADCAP certified.

For more information, please contact: Cathy Geddis General Manager 1-905-666-3400 x 305 or

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