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AeroTek Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) approved by NADCAP & Bombardier, Inc.

AeroTek’s Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment and processes have been approved by NADCAP & Bombardier, inc., effective August 2, 2023. Specifications approved include:


  • Penetrant Type: 1; Method: A; Sensitivity Level: 3; Developer Form: A; Type of Mechanism: Manual


  • Technique: Bench; Equipment Type: Current type FWDC; Bench Model Number: D960-LXR

“We are extremely happy about this approval by Bombardier,” remarked CEO & President Jonathan Schofield, previously VP of Operations of Messier-Dowty (now SAFRAN). “We have been planning this additional process to our portfolio of products and services for quite some time now. And, it feels good to finally get this key service component up and running for one of our key customers, Bombardier, and any other OEM program requiring NDT (MPI & LPI) services.”

AeroTek’s facility is capable of testing Bombardier aerospace parts up to 14 ft. long, for MPI and 5 ft. long for LPI.

Since its early beginnings, AeroTek has worked on new and old Bombardier aircraft programs, including:

New programmes:

Challenger series 350 through 650 All Global Express series including the new Global 8000

Legacy Bombardier aircraft:

Airbus A220 DeHavilland Dash 7 & Dash 8 Series

DeHavilland Beaver and Twin Otter

Canadair CL415/515 water bomber

Learjet series

Upcoming audits, this month into September 2023, for NDT, include:

Bell Helicopter:

  • BPS 4089: Fluorescent penetrant inspection

    • Same capabilities as above

  • BPS 4075: Magnetic particle inspection

    • Same as BPS 4089

In keeping with its policy of continuous improvement, AeroTek continues to streamline its performance through lean manufacturing practices and to increase its services to provide the most comprehensive one-stop shop for metal processing and finishing, meeting the continually changing and dynamic needs of its customers.

AeroTek also provides the fastest lead times in the aerospace industry: “TOP QUALITY at a REASONABLE PRICE and ON-TIME”

For more information, please contact AeroTek’s General Manager Cathy Geddis at 905-666-3400 x 301 or


AeroTek Manufacturing is a world-class, customized metal coatings provider specializing in aerospace coatings and nuclear refurbishment.

AeroTek also provides metal coatings for other industries including automotive, computer equipment, engineering & architectural products, munitions and many more.

AeroTek specializes in providing traditional aerospace coatings (anodizing, electroplating, chemical films and conversions, lubricants and paint) as well as environmentally friendly aerospace coatings, including Ion Vapour Deposition of Aluminium (IVD-Al)--a completely environmentally friendly process--light sulphuric and boric- sulphuric anodizing, zinc-nickel electroplating as well as water-based paints and environmentally friendly cleaning.

Ancillary services include Non-Destructive Testing (NTD) and Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI), Heat-Treatment, Aircraft Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and Aircraft on Ground (AOG) Services.

In its 70+ years of history, AeroTek has acquired more than 400 aerospace OEM process approvals including Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Sikorsky, Bell Helicopter, Goodrich, SAFRAN, Honeywell, GE, Pratt and Whitney, etc. Other industry OEM approvals include automotive (Aston Martin, Pankl), circuitboard (IBM), munitions (Colt Industries), nuclear (Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI), SNC-Lavalin), electrification (ABB), architectural and engineering products.

AeroTek is a NADCAP (with Merit distinction) and US DoD ITAR/Controlled Goods certified facility and ISO 9001/AS9100 certified.

AeroTek is the first chemical processing facility in Ontario to receive a Certificate of Air quality accreditation from the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP).

AeroTek’s facility includes state-of-the-art, closed-loop wastewater treatment equipment and air scrubbers.

For more information, visit our website at or call 905-666-3400.



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